“She has no head because she’s lost.”

Last week, my daughter’s preschool teacher (whom I adore) pulled me aside to tell me that my daughter had been a little uncooperative during classwork time that week. She tells me things like that, not because my girl is disruptive, but because I have informed the teachers that our family is going through some changes….

Telling my 4-year-old.

Here we are, about 6 months into our separation: that time cushioning the space between today and the point of impact. The end of the marriage was sudden, meaning that it happened in one day, with little to no warning. If I was completely blindsided by it, I had to protect my children from the shock….

Homemade Vegan Pizza. And Kids.

Pizza is awesome. Kids are awesome. Making pizza with kids is — awesome-ish. Once you accept that there will be a little clean-up, you’ll have fun with it, and so will they, for sure. Here’s a pizza crust recipe that you can make easily with or without the kids. They’ll enjoy being involved; you’ll enjoy having…

Honey, You’re Vegan to That: a thought about raising vegan kids.

  When I broke the news to my friends and family, “Mom, Dad, loved ones — I’m…vegan,” there was palpable worry across the board. Yes, there was a little “What about your protein?” or “Can you still have chicken broth?” But I think the bigger concern was over how many pamphlets and videos I would have on demand…

Crafty Mac & Cheeze

All growing up, and well into adulthood, a favorite go-to ‘meal’ for me was  Mac & Cheese   — and I don’t mean the real stuff (although, sure). I mean the processed stuff, from the box — with the powder. It was so easy to make. It was so cheap. And it was sooooo yummy….