I am a…

42 year old woman/daughter/sister/mother

4 year graduate with 2 BAs

13 year Angeleno

11 year vegetarian

7 year vegan

6 year wife and homemaker

5 year parent

and now — a 1+ year single-mother

Lifelong friend, sharer, animal lover, earth admirer and space geek.

I’ve lived large, and I’ve lived lean. I’ve played hard, worked hard and loved hard. I laugh harder. I’ve been adored. I’ve been appreciated. I’ve been betrayed and hurt, and I’ve healed. I’ve got abundance, gratitude, regrets and hopefully wisdom. I love my life — and all the unexpected turns it’s laid out for me.

This blog is for everybody.


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  1. You go momma!! v^_^v What a wonderful example you are setting for your kids and all those around you. More power to you :-* ❤

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    1. Beverly says:

      Thanks, Katyayini. Here we go!

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