Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup


Don’t worry!!! It’s all good. You can still have Cream of Mushroom Soup if you’re vegan. And it’s freakin’ delicious. This recipe here is super savory and creamy, and best of all, it’s cruelty-free. Trust me. You’re non-vegan friends won’t know the difference. Just ask mine.

Eat it by itself; pour it over Pappardelle or Fettuccini pasta, or use it as a base for many a casserole.

I make this soup every Thanksgiving as a base for my Asparagus Casserole. What I don’t use in the casserole, I’ll pour over pasta for my guests to snack on during the mix, mingle & mill around smartly time before supper.


3/4 lb. fresh Crimini or Baby Bella Mushrooms, sliced

1/2 Yellow or Sweet Onion, dicedimg_0403

2 cloves Garlic, minced

1 Tbsp Earth Balance

3 cups Veggie Broth (I love Better than Bouillon No Chicken Base and I make it pretty strong)

1 Tbsp Cornstarch

1 cup vegan Sour Cream

1 Cup Unsweetened, Original Almond Milk



In your large cast iron pan, or a large soup pot (large for surface area —  it doesn’t need to be terribly deep), melt your Earth Balance over medium high heat.

Sauté the Mushrooms, Onion and Garlic for 3-5 mins. Let them brown a little, but don’t burn the garlic.

Reduce heat to medium low and pour in the Veggie Broth. Stir to scrape up any yummy bits stuck to the bottom. Let it all simmer for 45 mins to concentrate those flavors.

Dissolve the Cornstarch in your slightly warm Almond Milk.

Pour the Cornstarch & Milk into the pan. Add the Sour Cream. Stir to combine.

Let this simmer for another 45 mins, until it’s reduced down to become creamy and thick.img_0441




YAY for Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup!!!


Let me know how this works out for you, and I’m always here to answer any questions & to offer guidance.






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  1. barronstorey says:

    howdy beverly….where does one get the iron “ringer” to clean cast iron/ cheers…petra


    1. Beverly says:

      Hi Petra. I just looked on Amazon, and it’s there. Here’s their official name for it. The Ringer – The Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner, Patented XL 8×6 inch Design. Thanks for pointing out that I should put a link on my cast iron post. I will.


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