Sammy Salad Recipe

Creating vegan dishes to replace non-vegan favorites has been a must for me. It’s not hard to do, and the results are always just as, if not more satisfying than the originals. Never really having a voracious appetite for meat growing up, I’ve also found that creating vegan alternatives to the NV dishes that I could never really get behind, due to their over-meatiness, has been deliciously liberating.

Case in point: Chicken Salad. Nope. It was never my thing. Just a lot of meat slathered in mayo and other bits & bobs. (Also, and take this journey with me, strangely, too many people tend talk with their mouths full of chicken salad, and I never really recover after that type of exposure to gross). But I did feel a loss by not having some sort of mayo-type-salad to goop onto bread and devour with all the guilty pleasure it demands.

Enter my creation, SAMMY SALAD. It’s my guiltless pleasure version of a sandwich salad. And it’s one of my favorite dishes for my NV friends. I hope you enjoy it too. It’s super simple.



1 pack of Chick’n strips — Tofurky makes a great choice

1 pack (4) Tofurky Italian Sausage

3/4 Cup Vegenaise +/-

2 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar +/-

1/4 Sweet Onion, chopped

5 Med. Celery stalks, chopped

Big Pinches S&P

Olive oil for sautéing.






Break up the Chick’n pieces and sauté over medium/high heat.



While that’s going, chop up the Sausages. I split each link down the center, and each half down the center again before I chop into small pieces. Add those to the skillet.







While those are browning, chop your sweet onion and put into a large bowl.

Next, split your celery stalks down the middle and chop, so that you get nice, small pieces.

Add those to your bowl.

Check the Chick’n & Sausages, and if they have browned nicely, not burned, cut the heat.



Add the Vegenaise, Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt & Pepper to the onion and celery.






Throw the browned Chick’n and Sausage on top of it all and mix it up really well.

Taste and adjust the S&P as needed.



Refrigerate this for at least an hour, so that all of those flavors can really come together. I like to make this in the morning and serve it for dinner. The flavors are awesome.

I serve mine open-face on toasted Sesame Ezekiel bread. Sour Dough works really well too. And yes, in true southern girl fashion, I slather the bread with Vegenaise before heaping on the Sammy Salad.


My kids really love this too.

I hope you try this, and when you do, I would to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

SAMMY SALAD — Printable version.



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  1. Zenaida says:

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    1. Beverly says:

      Thanks, Zenaida. I’d be happy to read any article you send over, and if it’s relevant, I’d post it. 😊


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