An Open Letter to the Well-Intended

This new stage of my life calls on all the warm bodies in my tribe to circle up and face out. I never married with the hopes of it failing. But it did. And, finally, that’s ok. Sometimes things just don’t work out they way we planned. I have worked (will work) hard to find the peace that hides in the odd places here. And while (I think) I’m at peace with the end of that part of my reality, I will still have questions, moments of confusion, the need for guidance or simply for a shoulder to lean or cry on. This is where you come in. Please guide without judgment — not towards me, nor the choices I’m discovering, nor the husband who tried. Please take the journey with me, not ahead of me, and help me learn a new way. I admire your individual strength, which is why I come to you. Remind me of mine. I love you all.


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  1. Beverly,
    You are the pillar of strength and strong motherhood. You are guiding two amazing, compassionate, empathetic and curious little beings through life with the utmost respect for their individuality and needs…all the while, maintaining a sense of your own self. That is not easy and I am in awe of you and all you do. Thanks for sharing it here. I am truly so happy to know you. Also, I love this blog!
    So much love,


  2. Hannah says:

    my dear friend, I am so grateful to call you that and to have met you at the time we did.
    You are such an amazing woman you not only think about things you research, you listen, you research, you action – this is inspiring and I have so much respect for you. I wish I was closer but will be everything I can be from afar (for now)
    Love and support for you and this blog!


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