Food for Thought

IMG_5825As a southern-bred woman, food, to me, is more than just fuel. It provides an opportunity to connect with the people we love by sharing in the delight of a handmade meal. Just like many people I know, I grew up having family meals around a table — facing one another and engaging (even when I was too cool to enjoy it). But years speed on; demands on families have changed, and time has become one of the endangered resources eluding parents these days.

As a parent, I really try to hold tightly onto the family meal, providing opportunities for connection and gratitude and laughing and sharing.

But let’s pause for a moment amid the delicate sound of silverware tinkling against the china underneath the soft murmur of a chatty, happy family doling out love and thanks — and let’s get real.

I’m a newly minted single-mom of a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. My nerves are frayed at both ends on a good day. And while I do enforce family meals, they aren’t always pretty, and they aren’t always the stuff thanks are made of — especially when I’m sweeping said meals off of the walls between gulps of wine. But my kids will sit for them, damn it, come hell or high-water, and whether they like it or not, they will reflect on them fondly, when these meals are their distant memories of childhood. I share this with them.

In the FOOD section of my blog, you’ll find these vegan meals. They’ll range from centerfold-ready to quick&dirty time-savers (read: nerve-savers). I hope you enjoy them, because no matter where you eat them, they have been tested and are delicious. I share this with you.


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